IGTV Drives 411 Million of the 10.2 Billion Engagements on Instagram in the US in December So Far

Disney, Netflix, UFC and Dior lead in IGTV Engagement in the U.S.

Today Shareablee released a ranking of the top brands, media companies, and TV networks by IGTV performance. The Walt Disney Company is the leader in IGTV actions with a total of 14.8 million engagements, and Group Nine Media, driven largely by The Dodo, saw the highest actions per post for IGTV at 99.4 thousand actions.

Netflix took the top spot for Streaming and TV Networks, with 5.3 million actions, followed by NBC and Comedy Central who drove 3M and 2.6M IGTV actions respectively. Disney+ (in spot eleven) lead in IGTV actions per post, with an average of 61 thousand actions.

Top 10 Media Companies on IGTV by Total Actions

Rank Company IGTV Actions IGTV Actions per Post
1 The Walt Disney Company 14.8M 19.7K
2 Group Nine Media 10.4M 99.4K
3 WAVE.tv 6.8M 37.2K
4 BuzzFeed Inc. 6.3M 67.3K
5 ViacomCBS 5.8M 7.3K
6 AT&T/Warner Media 5M 25.7K
7 Netflix Inc. 4.5M 31.5K
8 Comcast/NBCU 4.2M 4K
9 Overtime 4M 38K
10 Barstool Sports 3.7M 13K

Source: Shareablee, IGTV Rankings

  • Marvel dominated IGTV Engagement for Disney, driving promotions for the Disney+ original series Loki premiering May 2021 
  • 86% of Group Nine Media’s IGTV engagement was created by The Dodo
  • ViacomCBS saw strong IGTV engagement from The Daily Show, the Late Late Show with James Corden, and MTV (specifically around the MTV Awards earlier in December

Top 10 Streaming and TV Networks on IGTV by Total Actions

Rank Network IGTV Actions IGTV Actions per Post
1 Netflix 5.3M 32K
2 NBC 3M 8K
3 Comedy Central 2.6M 30K
4 ABC 1.9M 5K
5 Food Network 1.8M 19K
6 Univision Network 1.7M 4K
7 Fox News 1.6M 14K
8 Crunchyroll 1.6M 18K
9 Fox Sports 1.3M 4.3K
10 CBS Network 1.3M 3.6K

Source: Shareablee, IGTV Rankings. Data includes all social handles for shows associated with network

Top 10 U.S. Brands on IGTV by Total Actions

Rank Brand IGTV Actions
1 Ultimate Fighting Championship 7.5M
2 National Football League 796K
3 National Hockey League 459K
4 All Elite Wrestling 375K
5 Dior 307K
6 National Basketball Association 219K
7 Sephora 206K
8 Huda Beauty 194K
9 World Wrestling Entertainment 181K
10 Red Bull Racing 171K

Source: Shareablee, IGTV Rankings. Excluding Influencers, TV Brands and Publishing Brands

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