Shareablee Measures Social Performance for the Presidential Nominees Prior to the Election

Shareablee, the leading authority on social media measurement and intelligence has been busy keeping a pulse check on the election and the Republican and Democratic nominees' social performance. In a review of their Facebook video performance the weekend leading up to the election, November 5 to 6th, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seemed to have changed content strategies a bit from pushing platform agendas to go and vote messages. Linked is the recent blog post with data on Facebook performance this past weekend.

"The candidates don't seem to be pushing platform agendas as much as the 'GO AND VOTE' message; with the Trump campaign focused on LIVE Facebook video while at rallies and the Clinton Campaign focused on the election journey. It's a tale of two different methods to get to the same message," noted Gloria Stitt, Head of Marketing & GM of Media.

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Source: Shareablee